Bakat Industri is known to be one of the most reliable electrical distribution board manufacturers in Malaysia. Electrical distribution boards are important components in the electrical supply system of a factory. An industrial facility runs on a large amount of electricity and a distribution board helps for small power distribution and offers protection. It does this by dividing the power feed into smaller subsidiary circuits for different areas or parts of the factory. This allows proper power segregation which helps to prevent any major breakdowns in the event of a tripping. Even when there is a trip, it is designed for small area tripping so that the rest of the facility remains unaffected. This means that the rest of the facility can remain unaffected and remain operational to minimize downtime.

We aspire to provide automation solutions as the next industrial leap for factories. Our boards
come integrated with circuit breakers and ground protection units to provide proper protection for the entire circuit system. For more information about our distribution boards or to request for a quotation, do send us a message today. As one of the top electrical distribution board manufacturers in Malaysia, we are always glad to hear from you.