A low voltage distribution control panel is the main switchboard that ensures the reliability of an electrical system. It is the main component that distributes electricity throughout the various parts of a facility. This makes sure that all of your equipment is running at optimal power efficiency. At Bakat Industri, we are an experienced LV switchboard manufacturer. Our experience of more than 30 years in the industry makes us one of the most renowned LV switchboard manufacturers in the country.

In Malaysia, low voltage switchboards are commonly found in factories, plants and commercial buildings. These premises have complex electric systems and they require proper distribution of electricity. This is where low voltage distribution control panels come in to play. Normally after the compact subpanel, the power source will be able to provide 415V. LV panels start from 415Vac or it can transform into 110Vac, 240Vac and 24Vdc by using a
transformer or power supply.

For bigger voltage range distribution, we normally name them as Feeder Panels. They also can be divided into Small Power Distribution Boards (DB). Our low voltage switchboard panels in Malaysia can be designed for individual load specifications. If you wish to know more about our LV switchboards, do send us a message today!