Also known as a Motor Control Centre, MCC control panels are designed to control electric motors in a central location. It is able to control some or even all of them through an integrated system. An MCC control panel typically houses motor control units which will in turn control electric motors. They are most commonly used in industrial and commercial facilities where there are plenty of electrical motors at use.

Bakat Industri Sdn Bhd (BISB) are industry leading motor control center panel manufacturers in Malaysia. Our panels present an ideal solution for facilities looking for an integrated electric motor control system. Our MCC panels are designed in a way to control each motor manually and effectively. In addition, they can also be integrated with a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) to automate the entire system.

Direct Online, Star-Delta or Soft Starter are the common designs for the motor starter when it comes to these panels. We offer industrial standard designs as well as customized solutions to fit your unique specification. Each panel is manufactured according to design and quality checks are carried out for quality assurance. Our commitment to designing durable, efficient and quality panels makes us one of the top MCC panel manufacturers around.