Bakat Industri is a renowned HMI and MIMIC control panel manufacturer. Short for Human Machine Interface, HMI or MIMIC panels function as an interface between user and machine. Basically, they will show the alarms on the picture; floor plan or process flow. The alarms can be indicated by LEDs, Annunciator Windows or Touch Screen. This means that users can customize the layout and control functions according to their own specifications.
MIMIC is an old version for large scale display but the display design is limited. On the other hand, HMI is a new version for multiple screen display that is made from small scale displays but the display design is unlimited.

A trusted name when it comes to industrial automation, we here at Bakat Industri are known for supplying quality panels. Our automation solutions are diversified and reliable. In addition, we also use only high quality components in our HMI and MIMIC control panels. We also conduct strict quality checks to ensure client satisfaction. With global industrialization moving towards automation, we aspire to do more as trusted MIMIC panel manufacturers in the country. For more information about our products and services, do not hesitate to send us a message today!