Experience is one of the defining factors of good cable installation companies. At Bakat Industri, we have exactly that. Having more than 30 years of experience in the industry, we are definitely one of the most experienced ones around. Just like blood vessels in our body, cables run through the entire factory providing them with power. This is why in addition to experience, detailed planning and skilled workmanship is important in each cable installation project. This makes sure that the cables are safe and reliable during operation.  


At Bakat Industri, we provide an extensive range of electrical services and cable installation. These include:

  • Install electrical and electronic control systems
  • Assemble and fabricate electrical and electronic components and appliances
  • Connect electrical equipment to power supplies
  • Maintain automated production processes, outlets and other fittings; connect circuit breakers, transformers, motors, heaters and other electrical equipment
  • Install electrical equipment such as storage heaters, water heaters, electric signs, switchboards, motors and other electrical equipment

If you wish to know more about our cable installation services or to request for a quote, do send us a message today. As one of the expert cable installation companies around, we are committed to providing reliable and safe power solutions for your facility. 

Control / Power


Instruments / Tubing Installation