At Bakat Industri, we are reputable SCADA system manufacturers. SCADA is the acronym for Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition. The term refers to a large-scale, distributed measurement (and control) system. Usually, they come integrated with several peripheral systems to allow detailed control of process management. They are commonly used in large-scale projects due to their ability to provide high-level supervisory management. SCADA control panel systems are used to monitor or to control chemical or transport processes, in municipal water supply systems, to control electric power generation, transmission and distribution, gas and oil pipelines, and other distributed processes.

SCADA is largely used to describe the system as a whole. The central system uses various sensors that could be onsite or offsite to provide feedback. As SCADA system manufactures, our SCADA control panels are designed for accurate and precise supervision in real-time application. Our SCADA systems can be customized to your own specifications. You can also integrate them with other components such as PLC or HMI panels. From industrial processes to infrastructure supervision, our systems are suitable to be used in a variety of different applications. If you have any questions regarding our SCADA systems, send us a message today!